Welcome to the MFOA
The MFOA is an organization of sports officials who cooperate with the National Federation (NFHS), Florida High School Athletic
Association (FHSAA) and area schools to provide competent, standardized officiating.
The MFOA serves its membership by securing game assignments and providing educational opportunities for each member. The MFOA
is governed by elected representatives who are currently active in the organization.  These representatives are chosen at the annual
meeting. The MFOA provides  officiating services to the local schools and organizations in the sports of football, basketball (boys and
girls), baseball, softball and flag football. The Association is sanctioned by the Florida High School Athletic

Basketball Tip-off Meeting
Monday, September 14, 6 PM
This will be an online ZOOM meeting!

2020-2021 Registrations for FHSAA & MFOA have started!
If needed, download the 2020-2021 Registration Information!
or view the registration web page.
On Line Registration for MFOA.  (Began July 10)

Are you interested in becoming an official with the MFOA?  
Please visit our
CONTACT page and leave us a message.

Zoom Meeting Format
MFOA members should create a Zoom account in order to participate in our online meetings.
During these times, it has become necessary to meet remotely.  The MFOA Board and the FHSAA
have been using Zoom as their format for online meetings.  Go to
zoom.us to create a free account.  
Zoom works best if you have a good Internet connection, camera, microphone and speakers.  
However, a good Internet connection and speakers should allow you to see and hear meeting content.
It is also possible to download the app to your smart-phone.

Executive Board Meeting Dates

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