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Football Fees
Varsity $65.00
Junior Varsity/Freshmen $51.00
Clock Operator $34.00
MCYFL $45.00


The FHSAA has decided to establish a specific uniform for playoff officials. The playoff uniform will include
the following elements:
◦Black football slacks with an FHSAA logo. (Honig's is the only supplier of the slacks with a logo.)
◦Black and white collared shirt (short or long sleeve) with FHSAA logo on left chest pocket and with an
American flag (white border) on the left shoulder, 2 inches above the black cuff for a short-sleeve shirt, 3
inches below the shoulder seam for a long-sleeve shirt.  .

This uniform will be required for playoff officials beginning THIS SEASON (2011). The uniform may be worn
during the regular season with the FHSAA logo black pants. These are the black pants with the white stripe
down the outside of each leg and are a lightweight version. Take a look at the Honig's website http://www. Please note that black pants WITHOUT the logo are permitted (local association
adoption) during the regular season. The logo is required ONLY for the playoffs.

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