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Florida Officials Association,
Junior Varsity: $ 40
Varsity Softball
$50 for 2 umpires
$45 for 3 umpires

Softball: Must consist of a light blue shirt, Major League style light blue pullover
shirt, Major League style navy blue pullover shirt with the FHSAA insignia on
the left chest or shirt pocket, provided all members of the officiating crew are
uniformly attired; gray slacks; shoes as required by NFHS rule; black athletic
socks; and navy blue cap with the FHSAA acronym embroidered in FHSAA
blue on the front and the FHSAA vertical logo embroidered on the back. A
jacket, if worn, must be black. Home plate umpires must wear all necessary
protective equipment.

2017 Softball Playoff Crews
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